11Sight: Omnichannel Pipeline Generation Platform

About 11Sight

11Sight is a platform powered by AI that boosts revenue efficiency by enhancing customer engagement. It achieves this through chatbots, video calls, and CRM integration, ultimately fostering long-term growth.


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What is 11sight?

11Sight is an omnichannel pipeline generation platform that uses AI-powered tools to increase revenue efficiency through customer engagement. It includes AI Chatbots for lead capture and qualification, instant video call capabilities from any online channel, and seamless CRM integration to streamline sales processes. Companies may want to use it to shorten their sales cycle, improve lead quality, and boost customer satisfaction through timely and personalized engagement, with the ultimate goal of increasing sales and lowering operational costs. 11Sight’s innovative technology streamlines sales and marketing, resulting in increased ROI. AI chatbots manage customer inquiries, while CRM integration provides access to customer data. This comprehensive solution optimizes pipeline generation and promotes long-term growth.

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