Adept AI: Advance General Intelligence Lab

About Adept AI

Adept AI is a research lab focused on developing an artificial intelligence system. This system aims to enhance overall intelligence by enabling creative collaboration between humans and computers. Users can interact directly through coordinates and keyboard input.


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What is Adept?

Adept AI is a research and development lab that seeks to advance general intelligence by allowing humans and computers to collaborate creatively. The lab is working on developing an AI system that can interact with all software tools, APIs, and websites, rather than just automating repetitive tasks. Adept’s first step towards this vision is the ACT-1 model, which is designed to execute computer actions in response to natural language commands. Adept’s AI agent boosts user creativity and efficiency by improving screen perception and interaction through direct interaction with the computer via coordinates and keyboard. The lab believes that AI should be designed with users in mind, with machines collaborating alongside people to combine human creativity with AI capabilities.

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