Aya: Multilingual Generative AI

About Aya

Cohere For AI created Aya, a multilingual AI model that enhances natural language understanding and translation in 101 languages. It promotes inclusive global applications and diminishes language barriers.


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What is Aya?

Cohere For AI created Aya, a pioneering multilingual AI model aimed at improving natural language understanding, summarization, and translation tasks across 101 languages. It is an important resource for researchers and developers who want to create applications that require language processing in a variety of languages, particularly those that have historically been underserved by AI technologies. People may want to use Aya to create inclusive, global applications capable of communicating and understanding instructions in multiple languages, thereby breaking down language barriers and improving access to technology for diverse populations. Aya enables developers to make applications more accessible to a diverse range of users, improving inclusivity and the user experience. It transforms language processing and contributes to a more connected global community.

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