BetterMe: Personalized Health and Fitness Solutions

About BetterMe

The BetterMe Fitness App provides tailored health and fitness solutions by tracking data, offering guidance, health coaching, monitoring progress, and offering cognitive therapy advice.


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What is BetterMe?

BetterMe, a wellness platform founded in 2017, aims to create a healthier world. The BetterMe Fitness App offers personalized health and fitness solutions, such as workouts, nutrition plans, and intermittent fasting advice for weight loss or gain. The app monitors health and fitness data, provides simple instructions, and adjusts to individual preferences and lifestyles. BetterMe also offers health coaching, including personalized workout and nutrition plans guided by human coaches, progress tracking, and cognitive therapy practice-based advice. Users can select from a variety of exercises, meals, and disciplines, all of which come with certified coaching via chat.

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