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About Convai


Convai opens up exciting possibilities for enhancing virtual worlds and gaming experiences. With different plans available, including a free option, Convai offers flexibility to developers and creators.


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What is Convai?

Convai presents a breakthrough method of Conversational AI designed for Virtual Worlds. A very easy-to-use interface is also an additional asset of this game as it enables the formation of such unique features for each character as an unusual background story or a certain specific voice among professionals.

This eases integration with other common game engines that support NPC assets. Convai avoids the LM hallucination problem through a knowledge base on characters, thereby making LMs “live up to their name”. Through this platform, the characters see, perform actions, and make open-ended, voice conversations in the created virtual world.


Conversational AI for Virtual Worlds: Scalable real-time voice-based communications.
Unlimited Knowledge Base: Make these more knowledgeable character experts.
Scene Perception and Actions: Characters see objects and bodies, and act according to orders or impulses.

Use Cases of Conv ai:

Gaming: Upgrade experience in dialoging with Bots and humans appearing as NPCs. Give mod games NPCs that can talk endlessly.

Metaverse: Onboard users with conversational characters. Intelligent Command Execution for Enabling Companion Bots.

Learning: Develop AI tutors in XR for different disciplines. Use AI to enhance training in areas like healthcare, law, manufacturing, and many others.

Pros and Cons Table:

Pros Cons
Cutting-edge Conversational AI for virtual worlds Lack of disclosed pricing information
Scene perception and action execution capabilities Limited information on platform scalability
Integration with popular game engines Specific learning curve not addressed
Unlimited knowledge base for character expertise Absence of detailed user feedback or testimonials
Versatile applications across gaming, metaverse, and learning Potential limitations in customization features
User-friendly interface for character design Limited information on ongoing support and updates


Get Started With the Different Pricing Plans

*Developer Plan*
*Partner Plan*
*Enterprise Plan*

Our Suggestion:

Conv ai is an advanced solution that lets developers give their VR more realism by using Conversational AI. This is because of its simple association with most games, prospects in the gaming metaverse, and learning.


Q: What are the measures adopted by Convai in solving information hallucinations in AI models?
A: To solve this problem convai provides the character’s knowledge base and ensures correct answers to questions from users.

Q: Do characters within virtual worlds carry out activities due to prompts or urges?
A: Yes; just as scenes can be perceived by characters as a result of user commands, actions by themselves can also take place independently.

Q: What are some of the supported game engines for convai?
A: It supports plugins for popular gaming engines such as Unreal Engine, Unity, Nvidia Omnisphere Discord, and Roblox.

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