DoNotPay: AI-Powered Consumer Champion

About DoNotPay

DoNotPay is a chatbot and online legal service that enables people to sue anyone, beat bureaucracy, and take on big businesses. British lawyer Joshua Browder started it in 2015. It offers a number of tools and services that help users resolve common legal issues, like locating hidden funds, canceling subscriptions, and more.


What is DoNotPay?

DoNotPay is your AI consumer champion. It uses artificial intelligence to help you fight big corporations, protect your privacy, find hidden money, and beat bureaucracy. It is designed to reduce the cost and make legal services more accessible. DoNotPay also provides a range of helpful tools, such as a demand letter form and a court hearing script.


DoNotPay offers a variety of features, including:

  • Appealing parking tickets: DoNotPay can assist customers in appealing parking charges by producing a personalized letter of appeal. The letter contains all relevant data and legal justifications.
  • Canceling free trials: It can help users stop free trials with DoNotPay before they are automatically charged. It allows users to use this service to get refunds for unnecessary expenses.
  • Suing anyone: Users of DoNotPay can create legal documents, court filings, and even a script to read in court.
  • Finding hidden money: It can analyze users’ accounts to find secret money, such as bank fee refunds.
  • Protecting users from scams and identity theft: It provides a range of tools for the user such as a fake credit card number and a robocall blocker, It helps consumers protect themselves against a scam and identity theft.

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
Offers customers the ability to overcome challenges May not cover every possible situation
Provides AI-driven solutions Premium features require a subscription
can help users with common legal feature Availability of tools may vary by region
Offers a wide range of features



DoNotPay offers a free trial. After the free trial, the service costs $36 bimonthly.


Our suggestions:

  • DoNotPay is a great tool for people who need help with everyday legal problems, but it is important to note that it is not a substitute for a lawyer. If you have a complex legal issue, you should consult with an attorney.
  • DoNotPay is still under development, and some of its features may not be available in all jurisdictions.


How does DoNotPay work?

DoNotPay uses artificial intelligence to produce legal documents and give people guidance. It provides a range of self-help tools.

Is DoNotPay a lawyer?

No, DoNotPay is not a lawyer. It is an online legal service that helps users with common legal problems.

Is DoNotPay guaranteed to win?

DoNotPay can help users increase their chances of success by providing them with the required legal information and resources, but it cannot ensure that users will win their cases.

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