Hama.app: Remove Unwanted Objects from your Photos

About Hama


The AI image eraser simplifies the process of removing unwanted people, objects, and text from photos or images by simply brushing over the affected area.


What is Hama.app?

Hama.app is an AI-based image editing service that removes unwanted objects from images, allowing users to edit photos without professional skills or expensive tools. It can remove people, distractions, logos, and street views from various photos. It allows easy uploading, offers no size limit, and can be added to home screens. Hama.app is an AI image generator that supports high-resolution pictures and is available at no cost, making it ideal for photographers, graphic designers, and those who want to create stunning visuals. With its user-friendly interface, even beginners can easily navigate and use this amazing AI tool.

Features Use Cases
Intuitive Task Creation: It offers a user-friendly interface for task creation, simplifying the process and enhancing productivity by making it easy to add new tasks. Remove people from a photo: It allows users to quickly remove others from photos without the need for expensive tools or software, providing quality results in just a few clicks.
Smart Prioritization: This feature efficiently categorizes tasks based on speed and importance, allowing users to focus on what matters most and meet deadlines. Remove unwanted objects: Hama.app allows users to remove unwanted objects, people, or defects from photos using AI algorithms. The app recreates the image behind the object, removing it naturally.
Collaborative Task Sharing: Hama.app enhances teamwork by allowing real-time task sharing, joint goal setting, and project collaboration, ensuring everyone is on the same page and streamlined. Retouching old photos: It is a user-friendly tool that uses artificial intelligence to repair old or damaged photos by reconstructing and retouching the damaged area naturally.
Time Tracking and Analytics: Hama offers time tracking and analytics features to monitor task usage, identify patterns, and gain insights for continuous productivity improvement. Remove text and watermarks: It allows users to quickly and accurately remove unwanted text or watermarks from photos by brushing over the text or watermark, resulting in a completely removed image.

Customizable Task Reminders: It offers customizable task reminders, ensuring timely notifications for tasks, appointments, and commitments, making sure you never miss a deadline.

Beauty, Blemish Retouching: Hama allows users to retouch profile photos with brushes, removing blemishes, wrinkles, scars, and tattoos

Seamless Integration with Calendar Apps: It seamlessly integrates tasks with calendar apps, providing a centralized overview of commitments and allowing users to manage their daily schedules.

Real estate: This can be used to remove unnecessary areas from photos taken for real estate information.
E-commerce, design, and more: This tool can be utilized to eliminate unnecessary elements such as logos, decorations, and other parts for design work or mockups.


Hama is a free image object and background remover tool that can be accessed on their website. The tool is completely free to use, but you are limited to a maximum upload size of 1GB.

How to Create an Account and How to Use It?

Step 1: You have to register or create an account. You can sign up with Google.

Step 2: To use Hama, just upload your images and use the brush tool to mark the objects you want removed.


Step 3: This happened after execution, as shown in the resulting image.


Q1: What is Hama.app, and how does it benefit me?
Hama. app is a task management tool that streamlines daily activities by offering an easy platform for task creation, prioritization, and collaboration, thereby increasing productivity.

Is the Hama.app suitable for personal and professional use?
It is a versatile tool that effectively organizes tasks for both personal and professional use, enabling efficient project management and personal list tracking.

Does Hama.app offer reminders for task deadlines?
It offers customizable task reminders, allowing users to customize their notifications to stay on track with their tasks and commitments.

Is there a time tracking feature in Hama.app?
It offers a time tracking feature, allowing users to monitor and analyze their time usage, providing valuable insights into productivity habits, and enabling optimization of workflow.

How secure is my data on Hama.app?
It maintains security by protecting task details and personal information, ensuring a secure and confidential task management experience.

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