idict: Speech Translator App

About idict

Idict is a speech translator app that includes an AI assistant for 72 languages, allowing for real-time translations, smoother conversations, improved linguistic skills, and better global interactions.


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What is Idict?

idict is a versatile speech translator app that bridges language gaps by offering real-time translations and supporting a variety of dialects and accents. It has photo-text translation, object detection, audio pronunciations, and an AI assistant that can communicate in 72 languages both online and offline. The app can be especially useful for travelers, international professionals, language learners, and anyone who needs to communicate across language barriers. People may want to use it to facilitate smoother conversations, understand foreign language content, and improve their language skills, allowing for more effective and enjoyable cross-cultural interactions. This app provides a versatile language solution for individuals, promoting better communication and understanding among people from diverse backgrounds. It helps people navigate foreign countries, collaborate with international colleagues, and improve their linguistic skills, making a significant difference in global interactions.

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