Layer Zero

About Layer Zero

LayerZero is a decentralized protocol that allows for seamless message transfer across over 50 blockchains, supports over 50 blockchains, and offers a $15 million bug bounty.


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What is layer zero?

LayerZero is an interoperability protocol that allows messages to be transferred seamlessly between user applications across decentralized networks. It connects 50+ blockchains and allows developers to create omnichain applications, tokens, and experiences. LayerZero is built on immutable on-chain endpoints, a customizable security stack, a permissionless set of Executors, and unified semantics. Application owners can define and control their own security and efficiency settings. When a message is sent via _lzSend(), it passes through the Endpoint and is routed to the OApp-configured MessageLib. The protocol has supported more than 50 blockchains, transferred more than $50 billion, and has the highest bug bounty of $15 million. LayerZero enables developers to move data, issue tokens, and create dApps across blockchains by utilizing omnichain contract standards such as OApp, OFT, and ONFT.

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