Listnr: The Future of Text-to-Speech Technology

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Listnr, the AI-made tool that changes your text into real speech easily without any problems. With more than 900 voices in 142 languages, it's great for making interesting voiceovers, podcasts and learning stuff online


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What is Listnr?

Listnr is a website that uses smart computer programs and deep learning to change words into real-sounding speech. Listnr AI tool does more than just turn text into speech. It’s also a place where people can upload and share their audio files on the internet, put them on websites, or broadcast across different services like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Listnr is designed to produce high-quality audio for a variety of uses, including podcasts, audiobooks on tape, and more. It’s used in selling ads and showing off how things work too.


AI Voice Generation: Produces human-sounding voices so that you can compare different sounds.
Text-to-Speech Editor: Allows the changing of words and sounds together in one spot, such as how your voice is set up. It can add special tags for text-to-speech programs plus play background music.
Podcasting Capabilities: Listnr Helps to create, share, and make money from podcasts. It creates an RSS feed for distribution on websites with audio that can be fixed too.
High Audio Quality: Provides high-quality sound in MP3 or WAV formats.
Diverse Language Support: More than 900 voices in 142 languages.
Customizable Voice Attributes: Change the speed, highness, or thickness of the voice and add breaks or stress.

Use Cases:

Listnr supports a wide range of industries, helping companies and people who make podcasts or write books. It also helps individuals who are instructing others in their chosen field of expertise. It is frequently used by a large number of individuals to create audio for videos, learn content online, and create audio stories for blogs. Its API connection lets you add real AI voices to apps and processes.

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
Wide range of voices and languages The free plan has a word limit
High-quality, realistic AI voiceovers Higher-tier plans may be costly for individuals
User-friendly interface
Versatile applications, including podcasting
Customizable voice attributes


Listnr offers several pricing plans:

Free Plan: Use up to 1000 words in each month’s changes.
Student Plan: $9/month for 4,000 words.
Individual Plan: $190/year with 20,000 words/month.
Solo Plan: $390/year good for single creators or small groups.
Agency Plan: $990 annually, best for small businesses and agencies.
One-time Credits: 30,000 words for $29.

Our Suggestion

Listnr is a good choice for anyone who wants to turn text into speech fast and in top quality. Its many voices and languages, along with an easy-to-use screen make it a helpful thing. You can use it in different ways too.


What is Listnr?
It is a tool using AI to turn written words into sounds like talking speech. It uses smart AI strategies to make voiceovers in more than 900 voices and 142 languages, perfect for many types of audio material needs.

How does Listnr work?
People type in words, pick the voice they want, and press ‘change’. Then, the tool changes the text into an audio file which can be done in less than a minute. It’s ready to download either in MP3 or WAV formats.

What are the main parts of Listnr?
It has an AI voice maker, a tool that turns text into speech, the ability to make podcasts, and very good sound quality. It also helps you use 142 languages in its system. This also lets you change voice features such as speed, pitch, and tone.

Is there a free version of Listnr available?
Yes, It provides a free plan that lets you convert up to 1000 words each month without cost. There are also different money plans with extra things and more words allowed.

What languages and voices does Listnr support?
It helps 142 languages using more than 900 voices, this gives a lot of choices for different types of sound needs.

Is it okay to use Listnr for business reasons?
Yes, all paid plans of Listnr include rights to sell things. This means the sound made is owned by the person using it and can be used for business reasons.

Is there a discount for students?
Yes, it has a cheap student plan for $9 per month. This includes 4000 words each month.

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