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Maskr.AI offers a free tool to create unique selfies with celebrities like Elon Musk, Lionel Messi, or Albert Einstein.


What is

Maskr.AI is an artificial intelligence-generated photograph tool that allows users to create unique selfies with celebrities. You can choose from a huge collection of celebrities, ranging from actors and singers to athletes and politicians. It has an automatic facial recognition feature to ensure a seamless replacement, as well as a vast library of A-list celebrities to find the perfect match. The GPT feature can be used by users to create the ideal photo caption. The process is quick and user-friendly, and no complex image editing skills are required. This innovative app is perfect for social media fans, photographers, and anyone who wants to add some excitement to their photos.

Features Use cases
Instant Transformation: offers instant transformation for creatives, allowing them to transform into superheroes, celebrities, or historical figures, transforming their ideas quickly and easily.

Social Media Profiles: enhances social media by transforming profile pictures into attractive visuals, adding a playful twist to enhance your online identity for special occasions or fun.

Free and Accessible: It is a free, accessible platform that allows users to express themselves without any subscriptions or hidden fees, increasing creativity without breaking the bank. Photograph Fans: is a photography app that allows users to create unique and memorable photoshoots by incorporating creative masks and transformations.
Variety of Celebrities: offers a wide range of celebrity masks, allowing users to become famous people, and transform their fantasies into a virtual reality. Users of All Technical Skills: It offers a user-friendly interface for everyone, allowing them to explore digital tools without advanced knowledge, increasing creativity and accessibility without requiring advanced skills.
Shareable Content: It allows users to capture their transformed selves and share them on social media, allowing creativity to shine and creating laughter and joy among friends.


Maskr.AI is currently free to use. There are no paid subscription plans at this time.


How does work?
It has a sophisticated computer vision and machine learning language that enables detection as well as object segmentation in images. By then, these objects can be manipulated by the users such as removing backgrounds or adding new elements.

Is suitable for beginners?
Yes, it is created as easy to use and usable by users with different abilities of working with image editing. It provides an easy-to-use interface and has a stepwise functionality directing the user.

Will work on my mobile?
Indeed, it is available for most modern mobile devices and browsers that help you to work with images anywhere on the move.

How secure are my data and uploaded images with
It values data privacy and security Your images are processed through secure servers, and the service normally does not save pictures after processing.

In what file formats can work?
It generally handles common image formats, which include JPEG, PNG, and GIF files But it is always a good idea to check the platform for current information on format support.

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