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About Murf.AI

Murf is a cool tool that helps you make awesome voiceovers for your videos and stuff. You don't need to be a tech whiz or hire fancy voice actors. Just type in your words, pick a voice you like, and Murf will do the talking. It's super easy and sounds really good. Give it a try!


What is Murf AI: is an advanced AI-powered text-to-speech (TTS) platform that allows you to generate studio-quality voiceovers quickly and effortlessly. With over 120 lifelike AI voices available in more than 20 languages, Murf is a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of applications, from eLearning and explainer videos to advertisements, podcasts, and more. Whether you’re a content creator, educator, marketer, or corporate professional. Murf Ai offers a seamless solution to transform text into natural-sounding speech, enabling you to engage your audience effectively.

Key Features:

  • Diverse AI Voices: Murf offers a selection of over 120 text-to-speech voices, spanning various languages and accents, ensuring you find the perfect voice for your content.
  • Voice Editing: Easily edit and customize your voiceovers by adjusting pitch, emphasis, pauses, and speed to convey your message precisely as you intend.
  • Media Integration: Seamlessly integrate videos, music, or images with your generated voiceovers, adding depth and richness to your content.
  • Voice Cloning: Create custom AI voice clones that match your unique style and emotional tone, ideal for branding or character voices.
  • Voice Changer: Transform your home recordings into professional-quality voiceovers, eliminating the need for expensive recording equipment or voice actors.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with your team directly on projects, streamlining your workflow and improving efficiency.


How to Use Murf AI:

Using Murf is straightforward. Simply access the Murf Studio on their website, input your text, select your preferred AI voice, and fine-tune settings as needed. You can also upload media files to enhance your voiceovers. Murf’s intuitive interface makes it easy to create professional-quality voiceovers in minutes.

Pricing: offers various pricing plans, including a free trial with 10 minutes of voice generation time. Paid plans offer more features and flexibility, with monthly and yearly subscription options. Visit the Murf website for detailed pricing information.



Is there a free trial available for Murf?

Yes, Murf offers a free trial that includes 10 minutes of voice generation time. This allows you to explore the Studio, its premium features, and test out all the available AI voices.

Are there any free voices that I can download?

No, Murf’s voices are available for download exclusively with paid plans.

Which languages does Murf support?

Murf supports more than 20 languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Romanian, Turkish, Indonesian, and Scottish.

Can I use Murf to record my voiceovers?

No, Murf currently does not support voice recording. However, you can upload your pre-recorded voice and utilize the ‘Voice Changer’ feature to convert it into a professional-sounding voiceover within minutes.

How is the voice generation time calculated?

Voice generation time is calculated based on the total duration of the generated speech for each sub-block. It is deducted every time you render a newly created sub-block or make modifications to the text in an existing sub-block.

How can I contact your support team?

You can get in touch with our support team by clicking the chat button located at the bottom right corner of this page or by sending your inquiries to

Can I subscribe to a one-month plan?

Yes, we offer monthly plans that automatically renew. You have the option to cancel your subscription before the billing date if needed.

Is it possible to collaborate with my team on Murf?

Yes, all of our paid plans provide the ability to create a separate workspace for your team. This allows you to collaborate on projects seamlessly. To learn more about these plans, please refer to our pricing page.

What are the advantages of using an AI voice generator over hiring voice artists?

Using an AI voice generator simplifies the process of creating voiceovers. It provides complete control over the production process, enabling you to directly convert your scripts or home recordings into high-quality voiceovers. AI text-to-speech is both time and cost-effective while maintaining the quality of your voiceovers.

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