Notta AI: Voice to Text Transcription Service

About Notta AI

AI technology automates transcription of audio/video recordings, meetings, and presentations, simplifying documentation and allowing for easy reference and sharing in a central location.


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What is Notta AI?

Notta is an AI-powered voice to text transcription service that supports 104 different languages. It provides transcription, live transcription, AI summaries, and collaborative workspaces. It transcribes audio or uploads files, creates concise summaries, and allows you to share transcripts with teams. Notta is completely free and ideal for students, professionals, and those who dislike manual typing. Notta has an impressive accuracy rate, making it a dependable tool for transcription needs. The live transcription feature is particularly useful for meetings or lectures in which real-time notes are required. The collaborative workspace allows team members to easily edit and share transcripts, streamlining the workflow. Overall, Notta is a versatile and user-friendly tool that makes transcription easier for a diverse range of users.

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