Otio.ai: Research and Writing Platform

About Otio

Otio is a platform powered by AI that simplifies academic research and writing. It captures, organizes, and delivers key takeaways, enhancing productivity and engaging users with their readings.


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What is Otio?

Otio is an AI-powered research and writing platform that streamlines the research process for academics and researchers. It enables users to capture various types of content, such as academic papers, videos, and articles, and then use AI to organize and summarise this information, providing key takeaways quickly and efficiently. Users can then engage with their readings by asking follow-up questions and begin writing with AI assistance based on the sources they provided. Otio is especially useful for those who are inundated with data and want to improve their productivity and research output by leveraging the capabilities of AI models such as GPT-4 and Claude. People may want to use it to save time, reduce information overload, and ensure their writing is based on accurate and relevant data.

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