Rewind AI: AI Assistant for All Context

About Rewind AI

Rewind is a personalized AI that takes into account everything you've seen, said, or heard. Your coworkers will wonder how you manage everything.


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What is Rewind AI?

Rewind AI is a personal AI time-traveler powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 model. It can pull up facts and information related to past experiences, similar to a personalized search engine. Installed on Mac or iOS devices, Rewind runs in the background, capturing screen and audio data. Once installed, it compresses, transcribes, encrypts, and stores data locally, ensuring only you have access. Users can ask Rewind to summarize meetings, draft emails, automate note-taking, provide human-level summaries, and back up work. Rewind acts as an AI assistant, handling tasks, capturing notes, and summarizing information behind the scenes.

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