SDXL Lightning: Generate Text to Image

About SDXL Lightning

SDXL-Lightning is a speedy text-to-image model that swiftly produces top-notch 1024px images, compatible with different distillation models and works seamlessly with either the Diffusers library or ComfyUI.


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What is SDXL Lightning?

SDXL-Lightning is a quick text-to-image model that can generate high-quality 1024px images in a matter of seconds. It is derived from the stability AI/stable-diffusion-xl-base-1.0 model and includes checkpoints for one-, two-, four-, and eight-step distillation models. The repository includes both full UNet and LoRA checkpoints, with full UNet models providing the highest quality and LoRA models applicable to other base models. SDXL-Lightning can be used with either the Diffusers library or ComfyUI, and the authors provide detailed instructions for each scenario.

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