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About Vidnoz AI

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In one minute, create free AI videos. A simple, quick, and completely free AI video creator. More than 300 AI characters, 470+ realistic AI voice samples, and more than 300 templates.


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What is Vidnoz?

Vidnoz AI is an advanced video generator powered by artificial intelligence, enabling businesses to effortlessly produce high-quality videos within minutes. The advanced features and user-friendly interface offered by Vidnoz AI have revolutionized the process of video creation.  Vidnoz AI platform offers you a free AI video generator that has over 100+ avatars and over 300+ free templates, and it also allows you to create your custom avatar. They also offer many other tools, such as face swapping, an AI cartoon generator, an AI background remover, an AI dancing photo, and a ton of other free AI tools.

Features Use Cases
AI Avatars: This AI makes the process easy and enjoyable. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or just someone looking to add a unique touch to your videos, you can create a unique and personalized avatar appearance, expressions, and personality to make your avatar unique. Explainer Video: Vidnoz AI is a powerful tool for creating useful explanation videos, using AI avatars and customizable templates to make complex ideas visually compelling and easily understandable for your audience.
Video Template: Vidnoz AI offers professional videos for creating content for social media, presentations, and marketing campaigns. Customize each template to suit your style and add your content effortlessly. Training and Development: Vidnoz AI enhances training sessions by designing detailed videos with AI avatars and voices, increasing interest and knowledge support, and offering an easy interface for smooth editing.
AI Voice: Its AI Voice feature enhances video storytelling with natural-sounding AI-generated voices, adjusting tone, pitch, and pacing to match the content mood, giving useful and clear message delivery in tutorials, vlogs, and animated videos. E-Learning: Vidnoz AI transforms e-learning content creation by combining AI avatars, templates, and voices, increasing learning involvement and effectiveness for teachers, instructional designers, and content creators.
Custom AI Avatar: It allows users to personalize their avatars to show their unique style, brand, or personality, allowing for a unique virtual image in videos. News: Vidnoz AI simplifies news video creation, improving viewer involvement and attention and allowing news agencies and independent journalists to create visually dynamic segments using customizable templates and AI voices.
Sales: Vidnoz AI enhances sales presentations by creating effective videos with customizable templates and AI avatars for powerful impressions and unique voices for your brand.
Marketing: It provides visually amazing marketing content, including customizable templates and AI voices, for social media, email campaigns, and advertisements, enhancing marketers’ ability to effectively deliver brand messages.
Communication: It simplifies communication strategies by providing customizable templates and AI avatars for visually compelling video messages, available through a user-friendly interface for all.
Support: It enables the creation of instructional support videos, improving communication and user support by using AI avatars and voices for clear and short content.


It offers three types of plans. The first plan is the “Vidnoz AI plan” It offers a free version with basic features and for more advanced features, you have to subscribe to the premium version.

The second plan is the “Vidnoz Flex plan”  If you want to grow your business you can simply go to this plan and you can use it for free also to enjoy more features just click on the Get it Now button and enjoy its advanced features.

3rd plan: Vidnoz Face Swap Plan

How to Create an Account on Vidnoz AI?

Step 1: You have to register or create an account. You can sign up with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Microsoft.

Step 2: Your account will be created and this interface will appear here you can start creating your videos, avatar, templates, and more.


Is Vidnoz AI suitable for beginners?
Yes, Vidnoz AI is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced creators. The intuitive tools and customizable features provide a seamless experience for users with varying levels of video editing expertise.

What file formats are supported for video export?
Vidnoz AI supports the export of videos in popular file formats like MP4 and MOV. These formats are widely compatible with various devices and platforms, making it easy to share and distribute your videos.

Can I customize the interface in Vidnoz AI?
Yes, Vidnoz AI offers a customizable interface that allows users to tailor the editing environment according to their preferences. This feature ensures a user-friendly and personalized experience, making video editing more efficient and enjoyable.

How can I stay updated on pricing and new features?
For the latest information on Vidnoz AI’s pricing plans and any new features, it is recommended to visit the official Vidnoz website or contact their customer support directly. They can provide up-to-date details and address any specific inquiries you may have.

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